Natural Diapers: What Are the Best All-Natural Diapers?

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Natural Diapers: What Are the Best All-Natural Diapers?

Natural Diapers: What Are the Best All-Natural Diapers?

The demand for natural and sustainable baby products has undoubtedly hit the market (that's part of why Eco Pea Co. exists). Still, research shows that few natural diapers besides ours have lived up to parents' standards.

Some of the biggest name brands use chlorine bleaching in the production of their diapers, which is concerning since babies wear diapers nearly 24 hours a day and have extremely sensitive skin.

Fortunately, all-natural diapers can withstand even the biggest messes today. Keep reading for the lowdown on the best natural diapers.

Why Choose Natural Diapers?

For starters, diapers cover areas of babies' bodies susceptible to irritation, especially when they come into close contact with urine and feces. Choosing natural diapers can give you peace of mind over what ingredients and materials are touching your child. 

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certifies textiles used in eco-friendly organic diapers, which must contain at least 95% certified organic fibers. To even use the label 'made with organic,' diapers must have a minimum of 70 percent certified organic fibers.

Take, for example, our natural bamboo diapers that contain no chemicals or plastics, making them gentler on the skin. Bamboo is naturally biodegradable, which helps keep our diapers environmentally friendly. They are also made with luxuriously soft organic cotton and are fragrance-free, which is ideal for sensitive skin.  

Our natural disposable diapers are compostable, so they won't add to waste in landfills either. If you like the sound of using diapers that are kinder to your baby's skin and the planet, that's reason enough to choose natural diapers.

Are Natural Diapers Expensive? 

Natural diapers don't have to be much more expensive than conventional diapers. Traditionally, products with the words "natural" and "organic" tend to cost a bit more, but this can also depend on the retailer you're buying from.

When shopping with conventional brands, you can expect to pay between $0.20 to $0.30 per diaper, whereas, with natural and organic brands, you can expect to pay somewhere between $0.30 to $0.35 per diaper. 

With our subscription option, you can save $10 on each box of diapers you buy. 

Are Natural Diapers Worth It? 

In the end, natural diapers are worth the buy. Not only are they more comfortable for your baby, but they are also safer for them and the planet. After all, your baby's diapers do come into contact with their genital area, which is critical to keep clean and protected.