7 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

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Father's Day Ideas

With Father’s Day around the corner, you’re likely thinking of ways to celebrate the special dads in your life. If you’d rather give a gift that is kinder to the environment and your bank account, consider giving experiences sprinkled with homemade goodies. This alternative type of gift also allows you to focus on what’s most important on Father’s Day – quality family time.

Here are some eco-conscious ways to celebrate dad.

Plan a picnic with dad’s favorite foods.

As Father’s Day falls in one of the balmiest months of the year, it’s an ideal time to enjoy a family meal outside. Specialize the picnic by packing that basket with dad’s favorite food and drinks, then head to the backyard, a local park, or another special spot in nature.

Write him a song.

Call on your creativity and musicality by working with the kids to write a song about everything they love about their dad. You can either write lyrics that go along with a popular song, or use instruments around the house to create your own tunes. And if you’re worried about your ability to carry a tune, know that this activity is all about the motto “it’s the thought that counts.”

Plant a garden of dad’s go-to veggies and herbs.

If dad is a lover of fresh vegetables and herbs, you can secretly purchase all the items you’ll need to plant a garden (e.g., soil, seeds, and garden tools), then surprise him with the family activity on Father’s Day. If you don’t have a good area for a larger garden, you can purchase a window box to plant herbs.

Do a treasure hunt for items made by you and the kids.

Merge the beloved adventure of a treasure hunt with thoughtful gifts by hiding homemade goodies crafted by you and the kids in the house or backyard. (Don’t forget the map!) While any DIY gifts will surely be appreciated, you might consider an imprint of baby’s hands or feet in clay, painted rocks, a family photo in a frame decorated by the kids, a bag of dad’s favorite homemade cookies, or a coupon book for things like a foot rub, at-home car wash, or laundry folding.

Have a movie marathon of dad’s favorite family-friendly flicks.

Because there are few things better than cozying up with the family for a movie night, pick out two or three of dad’s favored movies (that the kids will like!), get out the popcorn, and prepare to chill.

Organize a sports day.

If dad can’t resist a ball game, Frisbee golf, corn hole, or one (or many!) of the other numerous sports, put together a sports day where you all play three or four of dad’s favorite sports in the backyard or a local park. And do not forget the camera, as this day will provide endless adorable photo ops.

Plan a backyard camp out.

To surprise the dad that can’t get enough of the great outdoors, have the kids help you create a camping wonderland in the backyard. You can pitch a tent, have the kids gather kindling for the fire pit, hang twinkle lights, and create a playlist of dad’s favorite tunes. And of course, have the s'mores fixings, and other camp food at the ready.

    As you plan and enjoy your Father’s Day adventures, set yourself up for enjoyment by releasing expectations, as you never know what’s going to happen when engaging in activities with young children. But while the special activities might not unfold in the exact way you anticipated, it’s almost guaranteed dad will feel the love.