Our Products are Mindfully Made

We made the simplest diapers for your most precious cargo. Designed from our own family’s need for a gentle, safe and eco-conscious solution, Eco Pea Co. diapers are made with the natural goodness of bamboo and without things like chlorine, fragrances or irritating chemicals. See below for a complete breakdown of our luxuriously soft diapers and wipes.


Ingredient Where it is Purpose Environmental Footprint
TCF (totally chlorine free) wood pulp, tissue Inner core Absorption Sustainably harvested, biodegradable
Sodium polyacrylate Inner core Absorption Low biodegradation, acts like a fertilizer
Non-woven, polypropylene Inner core Liquid distribution, absorption Non-biodegradable
Bamboo, non-woven Top sheet Sits next to baby’s skin Sustainably harvested, biodegradable
Bamboo, non-woven Back sheet Diaper structure, absorption Sustainably harvested, biodegradable
Polyethylene film Back sheet Prevents leaks Non-biodegradable
Spandex, non-woven, polyamide Tape, snug fit Tape, snug fit Non-biodegradable
EPA approved water based Ink + adhesive Ink, adhesive Logo, wetness indicators, secure tabs No pollution to the environment
Aloe (very light amount) Top Sheet Nourishment Biodegradable

*Our diapers are over 85% biodegradable in favourable conditions
**Our bamboo is sustainably harvested and processed with steam instead of chemicals


Our diapers have been third party tested for Formaldehyde, Lead (US California Prop 65), Skin Reaction, Sensitivity, Dermal Irritation and Aerobic Biodegradation to ensure your family is using the safest, softest and most effective product possible.

Testing Images by SGS, an independent Swiss laboratory.

Test type: ISO 14855 -Determination of the ultimate aerobic biodegradability and disintegration of plastic materials under controlled composting conditions -Method by analysis of evolved carbon dioxide

our wipes

Ingredient Where it is Purpose Environmental Footprint
Water (aqua) Water Carrier and dillutent, acts as the primary moistener in our wipes None
Glycerin A naturally occurring chemical compound Skin conditioning, antimicrobial, antiviral, barrier protection from skin irritants, hydration Biodegradable
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract Botanical name for aloe vera Skin-conditioning, scent Biodegradable
Gluconolactone Organic compound, lactone Holds moisture Biodegradable
Sodium Benzoate An odorless, crystalline powder made by combining benzoic acid and sodium hydroxide Preservative, preventing wipe deterioration. We chose this instead of ingredients like phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol, and parabens Biodegradable
Calcium Gluconate The gluconate salt of calcium Skin-soothing, restorative and moisturizing Biodegradable
Coco-Glucoside Made by a reaction between glucose and coconut oil-derived ingredients Skin conditioning. Ideal for sensitive skin and used to support the cleansing power of the wipes, specifically in helping to remove oily molecules from poop. Biodegradable
Citric Acid A mild, organic acid regulating pH, scent Biodegradable


Though parts of our diapers are compostable, we recommend disposing of them by sending them to a diaper composting facility, or in your regular garbage, rather than composting them yourself as there could be harmful bacteria present. Our wipes can be disposed of the same way.


At Eco Pea Co., we are parents first. We value integrity, honesty and transparency when it comes to the products we bring in to our home, and we know you do too. Unfortunately, that has not always been the norm in the diaper industry, which is why we are committed to being as open as possible about our 'why', and keeping focussed on bringing the best, most mindful and most effective products to market. We believe all businesses have a duty to support and give back to our Mother Earth, which is why we are a proud partner of 1% For The Planet, and why we have worked so hard to make our shipping process carbon neutral.


E-mail us at support@ecopeaco.com. We aim to provide the most up to date and concise information to help you decide what’s best for your family, so if you think something is missing here, we want to know!