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It started from 
 the bottom up.

Why We Started

Eco Pea Co. was born from a moment of parenting panic. We noticed our young daughter was having a bad skin reaction, and had a hunch it was product-related.

Kelly and Adrian Pereira - Eco Pea Co. Founders

But what caused this terrible reaction? And how many other little ones have experienced this too? Our curiosity and determination led to the first Eco Pea Co. prototype—a diaper designed with nature and sensitive skin in mind. After one week, the rash was gone, thanks to the miracle material: renewable bamboo. 

Since then, we’ve been on a journey to solve problems for other eco-conscious parents and kids—from the very first stages to the ones that follow after that. We care about each and every family in our pod. Thank you for being here.

–Kelly and Adrian

What we stand for...


Nature is a steady source of inspiration, guiding our design and material selection process.

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Being Present

Some of the greatest joys of childhood are also the messiest. Be in the moment and embrace the chaos knowing our reliable, effective products will clean it all up afterwards.

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We're here to ensure our kiddos always have a healthy place to call home.

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We're straightforward and honest above all else, because we've been on the other side of misleading labels and broken brand promises.

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We created a subscription program that frees up your mind and your time.

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Not all earth-friendly products are created equal...

We noticed other natural baby products lacked the functionality and features that parents and little ones need most.

diaper prototype

… and we learned from countless prototypes.

We didn't settle until we found high quality renewable bamboo, improved fit and absorption and dug deep into ingredients that are gentle on skin.

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What we do

We design products that are soft on skin and the planet.

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