Fun & Unique Baby Shower Games

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Fun & Unique Baby Shower Games

Best Fun Baby Shower Games

So you've been tasked with planning a baby shower, which probably means you or someone close to you is having a baby - congratulations! A baby shower is an opportunity to shower the expectant parents with gifts and celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby. And, once your time, date and venue are booked, it’s time to start the fun part of the planning process, choosing some baby shower games. To keep the guests entertained, you’ll want to include some tried and true classics while adding in some unique baby shower games as well. 

We’ve put together a list of crowd-pleasing fun baby shower games for girl baby showers and boy baby showers alike.

What are some good baby shower games?

Mommy or Daddy Game

Most of the baby shower will be centered around the new baby, so it’s always fun to include games that put some focus on the new parents. 

A fun baby shower game like “Who knows mommy/daddy best?” where the guests are asked questions about the expectant parent, write it down on their own game sheet and whoever has the most correct answers wins. 

Another fun parent-centric game is “mommy and daddy’s secrets” where both parents fill in a questionnaire with fun questions like “do you think it’s a boy or a girl?” or “when did you first suspect you/your partner was pregnant?” the parents then have to guess each other’s responses in front of their guests. 

Blind Diaper Changing

This is a fun one! What you’ll need are some baby dolls and blindfolds. The baby shower guests split into two teams and line up behind their doll. The first person removes the baby doll’s diaper (while blindfolded) and puts on a new one, as soon as they’re done, the next person follows until the whole team is done. The first team to finish wins! Think of this as preparing your relationship for parenthood where you’ll find yourself changing diapers with one eye open in the middle of the night and running from task to task.

Price is Right

Baby items can add up in cost and parents expect to be spending a lot more when their newest bundle of joy arrives. 

This game will test your guests to see who is the savvy shopper among them. You’ll need to make copies of a list of baby goods and have everyone write down their guesses of how much these items really cost. Have your guests total their guesses - the guest with the closest final total wins.

Balloon Pop

This unique baby shower game is another team event. You’ll need some balloons and pins for this one. The guests will split into teams, and everyone should get a balloon,  they will then inflate the balloons and put them under their shirts. The first person pops the balloon, and the whole team follows, the first team to inflate and pop their balloons wins.

Put the Pacifier in the Baby’s Mouth

This is a classic party game, think pin the tail on the donkey but baby shower theme! You’ll need a blindfold, an enlarged photo of a baby and small print-outs of a pacifier with pieces of tape on the back for each guest to have. The guests will then take turns spinning around and walking up to the photo of the baby trying to put the pacifier in the baby’s mouth (or as close as they can get!). The person closest to the baby’s mouth wins this one!

Baby Naming Games

It can be surprisingly challenging to name a human. Couples often spend all nine months brainstorming names and cross-checking each other’s name lists in hopes of finding a name they both love. This baby shower game includes the guests in the brainstorm,ing or if you already have a name picked, it makes it fun for them to guess. Everyone gets a piece of paper to write out the list of their ideas for the baby’s name, then the timer starts and whoever has the most names written down once time is up wins. To make it more challenging, you can select an initial the baby’s name has to start with.

Whatever games you choose from this list, your guests are sure to have fun and enjoy celebrating the expectant parents.