8 Creative Ways to Reuse Our Diaper Packaging

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8 Creative Ways to Reuse Our Diaper Packaging

After you unwrap a package of diapers and distribute them to the diaper bag and caddy, you’re left with an empty bag. While many parents just throw this bag out, as they can’t think of a good way to reuse it, we're here to provide some useful ideas on what you can do instead. We’ve collected a variety of ideas for these bags that can help you be more mindful of waste, while also adding ease to your life, at no additional cost. Diaper packaging is a necessity to keep diapers dry, clean and free from molds during transit, and even though our diaper packaging is made from biodegradable LDPE, that doesn't mean we can't adopt a "reuse" mindset when thinking about our waste.

Line your small garbage bins.

The most obvious way to reuse diaper packaging is to make it the lining for small garbage bins in bathrooms, bedrooms, and other areas of the house. You can also use them to line a small diaper pail. 

Use for on-the-go soiled diaper storage.

At some point most parents have found themselves in the stinky situation of having nowhere to put a soiled diaper. This is especially common when you’re out of the house. Eliminate this issue by stocking your diaper bag with diaper packaging bags. Most of these bags are large enough to hold a few used diapers. For this, we recommend carefully opening your diaper package with scissors so that you have a clean opening and the soiled diapers are less likely to topple out.

Use for dog waste.

Just as no one wants to be out of the house with nowhere to put a dirty diaper, you also don’t want to be out of the house without bags to store your dog’s poop. An easy solution is stashing a few diaper packaging bags in your glove box, and whatever bag you take on walks, so you’re never without this essential supply when your dog takes a potty break.

Use it for padding when packing, or shipping, fragile items.

Not only is traditional padding, like packing peanuts and bubble wrap, a hassle to deal with, but they can also be bad for the environment. So instead of spending money on this type of padding when you need to ship or store fragile items, stuff the box with diaper packaging. When bunched up, these bags create an excellent buffer.

Stuff inside boots to maintain shape.

If you have tall boots you might have noticed that the top portion flops over when they’re not in use. This can cause the boots to wrinkle, and potentially get damaged. Maintain the quality and shape of your boots by stuffing diaper packaging into them. 

Store smaller clothing items, toiletries, or shoes in them when traveling.

As suitcases can easily become a jumbled mess, it’s wise to store smaller items like underwear, socks, bathing suits, and other such garments in small bags within the suitcase. Diaper packaging bags and our wipes packaging are perfect for this! They’re also ideal for storing toiletries that might leak in transit, and shoes that could dirty your clothes. Always keep a few stashed in your suitcase for easy access.

Store wet paint brushes.

When working on a painting project, it’s best to keep paint brushes or roller covers in a plastic bag between use (but no longer than 24-hours.) This helps prevent the brush and paint from drying out and becoming brittle. Diaper packaging is an ideal size and material for this need, keep some on hand for your next DIY. Just be sure you completely clean the brush after the painting project is complete. 

Make “plarn.”

If you enjoy DIY projects you can turn diaper packaging bags into a type of yarn called “plarn” - aka plastic yarn. There are numerous tutorials online showing how you can cut a plastic bag into one long piece of plarn that’s about an inch wide. From there, you can use the plarn to weave baskets, tote bags, mats, and so much more.

    As we live in an age where there is an excessive amount of waste, and our environment is struggling, doing something as simple as reusing diaper packaging can make a huge difference. We hope that these ideas inspire you to make the most of these bags, and maybe even begin finding creative ways to reuse other items you typically throw out. While these might feel like small acts, they can go a long way in helping to heal our planet.

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