11 Lesser Known Uses for Baby Wipes

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other uses for baby wipes

New parents quickly learn that they need a healthy supply of baby wipes on-hand, all the time. While it’s a no-brainer that this nifty baby care product is essential for diaper changes, many are pleasantly surprised to find they’re also handy for a slew of other tasks. From keeping yourself fresh when you can’t remember the last time you showered, to removing deodorant marks, baby wipes are a multi-purpose must-have.

 Here are some of the many ways baby wipes can enhance your life.

  1.     Replace feminine hygiene wipes. We’re going to fill you in on a secret: there is little difference between “feminine hygiene wipes” and baby wipes. This is especially true when you choose a brand that provides wipes that are free of chemicals, hypoallergenic, and incredibly effective at wiping away sweat, fecal matter and urine, discharge, and other “leftovers” that can lead to irritation and unpleasant aromas (like Eco Pea Co.). And, they do all that without killing good bacteria. As an added bonus, baby wipes are often much more affordable than feminine hygiene wipes.  Just remember, baby wipes cannot be flushed!
  1.     Help you stay fresh on-the-go. When you start feeling icky, but can barely find time to pee, let alone shower, baby wipes are a great way to get a quick and easy refresh. For example, you can use the wipes to cleanse your face, clear sweat from your neck and armpits, and freshen up intimate areas.
  1.     Keep in your purse and car for surprise messes. Messes have a sneaky way of happening when you don’t have access to cleaning supplies. You can eliminate this common annoyance by always keeping a pack of baby wipes in your purse and car. Then, when the baby smears avocado on their face right before you pull up to grandma’s house, you drip coffee on your shirt on the way to work, or a fellow parent realizes they forgot their wipes at home, you’re prepared.  
  1.   Cleanse hands and feet before bed. As it’s easy for hands and feet to get a bit grimy between an evening shower, or bath, and bedtime, you can use baby wipes to give your child’s hands and feet (and your own!) a quick clean before slipping between the sheets.  
  1.     Take off eye makeup. Who needs expensive eye makeup remover when you can simply swipe a baby wipe across your face? Even without nasty chemicals, these wipes are incredibly effective at dissolving and removing mascara, eyeliner, and other varieties of makeup. 
  1.     Remove deodorant marks. We all know the frustration of pulling on a dark shirt and then noticing a long stain of white deodorant. Instead of scrubbing the mark with a damp towel, you can just use a baby wipe to remove the stain without leaving behind a wet patch.  
  1.     Tame static electricity. Strangely enough, a swipe of a baby wipe across a garment, or hair, that’s being led astray by static electricity can calm the reaction. Because of this, it’s handy to keep a pack in your laundry room and bathroom too. 
  1.     Dust narrow areas. We all have those hard to reach nooks and crannies in our homes and cars that are both tricky to clean, and dust magnets. Baby wipes to the rescue. For super narrow areas, just fold the wipe a few times then swipe it through.
  1.     Clean marks off walls. When little ones become mobile it’s common to find everything from crayon to baby food on walls. Baby wipes work wonders at erasing such smudges. 
  1. Pull grease off pans. If you don’t want your scrub brush to get covered in grease, give dirty pots or pans a quick rub with a baby wipe before washing. 
  1. Use them to cool off. Help yourself and your children stay cool and fresh during warmer months by keeping a pack of baby wipes in the fridge. Then, when you or the kids find yourselves hot, sweaty, and sticky just pull out these crisp wipes for a quick refresher. If you’re going to the beach, or another outdoor outing, throw a pack of wipes in the cooler.  

Baby wipes are a versatile essential that can fill your life with elevated cleanliness, convenience, and preparedness. They can even make you a favorite amongst your parenting friends, as you’ll likely have ample opportunities to come to the rescue with your pack of wipes.