Nature Parenting Guide

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A happy little baby laying on the grass on a sunny day

Natural parenting can be defined as a family practicing natural parenting wishes. Some believe it is a combination of attachment parenting and sustainable living. Others may include holistic health practices, unschooling, and off-grid. Natural parenting is gentle and intensive, encouraging parents to stay in tune with their child’s needs.

A family knows what they need

You know what is best for your child, and you have a community to guide you along the way. Natural parenting focuses on a parent’s instinct and intuition; it breaks molds of what parenting ‘should’ look like and invites us to redefine what parenting means to best meet our families' unique needs. Knowing this, natural parenting should not be just another mold but a philosophy. Some tools and practices may or may not be useful for your family, while some suggestions may not even be accessible options. Knowing what tools to take and what tools to leave is an act of following your parental intuition.

Natural parenting may also be referred to as

  • Nature parenting
  • Eco-parenting
  • Attachment parenting
  • Instinctive parenting

What natural parenting can look like

Natural parenting is an age-old approach that has been around for centuries and is not unique to the western world. Some examples of natural parenting are:

  • Carrying your child in a sling around your body, often referred to as babywearing
  • Mindful eating
  • Using environmentally sustainable products
  • Spending more time outdoors 
  • Extended breastfeeding
  • Cosleeping


Natural parenting and milestones

Natural parenting allows children to develop at their own pace. The practice ensures children are meeting developmental milestones while being mindful that meeting these milestones is about the child’s best interest and not done with a competitive mindset.

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