Our Hopes For The Planet This Year

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Mother holding baby by cliffs

As we journey deeper into this year, we’ve begun considering what our hopes are for the planet over the next nine months. What do we want to see happen in the environment? How can we be part of positive change? Well, we came up with big answers, and wanted to share with you. But while we want to see a lot of big change, we really do think this change is totally doable. We think we’re all wholly capable of seeing this year as a prime opportunity to open our eyes to the needs of the environment, and step up to the challenge of helping it.  

Here are a few of our hopes.

More eco-conscious education. 

While learning more about the health of the planet, and how to improve its wellbeing, used to feel like a luxury, it’s now a necessity. It’s more important than ever before for citizens to seek out education about how global warming and other factors are impacting the planet, and what we can do to halt, and then reverse the harm humans have caused. This education can significantly influence the amount of people doing their part to make eco-conscious shifts in their life – and every little bit helps. Seriously.

To access this education you can check out books on the environment, watch online lectures like TedTalks, sign up for online courses, ask loved ones passionate about the environment to share what they know, and seek out anything else you think will continue your eco-conscious education. Parents can take this a step further by passing this information on to their children, and raising the next generation of climate activists. If you're up for it, sometimes just sitting quietly and using your own compass and common sense on what is and is not beneficial for our Earth is supportive too. This is a great option if information overload is something you experience.

More mindful consumption. Nowadays, it’s really easy to get whatever we need at a moment's notice. While it can be nice to easily access goods, it can also lead to overconsumption. It can be all too simple to just buy what we need before assessing if the item is something we already have at our home, but requires repair, or something we could purchase from a secondhand store. In addition, many of us don’t pay much attention to the materials, packaging, and transit our purchases require. Investing a bit more time ensuring we’re only purchasing items we truly need, and searching for a product that is made by an eco-conscious brand can do wonders for helping us become more conscious consumers. 

More transparency from brands and companies. 

A needed change that has been slowly happening is brands and companies being more transparent about what’s in their products. This transparency is so important because it makes it possible for customers to make well-informed decisions about what they purchase. It also allows customers dedicated to investing in eco-conscious products to find such products. To discover this insight into a brand or company’s products, check out their website and search for a page that is entitled something along the lines of “transparency.” If this is not provided, consider giving your business to a company that is forthright with this information. Your can check out our Transparency page here.

Enhanced accountability.

While it’s important to urge others to do their part in healing the planet, we also have to put the microscope on ourselves and examine what eco-conscious changes we can make in our life. In addition to the mindful consumption we mentioned, some ways to make your home life “greener” is to purchase food from a local farmer’s market, start a garden and compost, reduce your plastic use, and engage in other activities you can find here.

People flying and driving less. 

A major hope we have for the planet this year is seeing people flying and driving less. As aviation contributes about 2% of the world’s global carbon emissions, it has a significant impact on global warming. And then there’s driving, which can lead to the release of  hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide. So whenever possible, we hope people choose to walk, bike, or take public transportation.

Greater activism. 

In addition to adopting a more eco-conscious way of life, it can be incredibly helpful for global citizens to become activists for this planet. This can look like attending events, like non-violent marches, led by environmental activists, volunteering for or donating to eco-conscious organizations, sharing what you’ve learned about the environment with others, voting for politicians that champion initiatives that can improve the health of the planet, and calling your representatives in support of eco-friendly bills. Even supporting eco-friendly brands by purchasing from them and engaging with them on social media helps to lift them up and make mindful shopping that much easier.

While the state of the environment can sometimes feel dire, we would love to see our fellow citizens maintain hope that we can make a change - that we have the power to save the Earth. Because when we band together, we really can move mountains, and revitalize the ground and sky that surrounds them. Holding on to a belief that we can make a difference, and continuing to support one another in making the necessary changes, is exactly what the world needs in 2021, and beyond.

What would you like to see for the planet this year?