Good Housekeeping Parenting Award Winner 2023: Eco Pea Co. Unbleached Bamboo Baby Wipes

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Good Housekeeping Parenting Award Winner 2023: Eco Pea Co. Unbleached Bamboo Baby Wipes

We’re so grateful to announce that Eco Pea Co. has received a Good Housekeeping Parenting Award for our unbleached bamboo wipes. These eco-friendly wipes have not only received high praise from experts for their innovative design and performance, but they’ve caught the attention of eco-friendly parents!

What makes Eco Pea Co. Unbleached Bamboo Wipes special?

Unlike most products on the market, our natural bamboo wipes are unbleached and made from USDA BioPreferred certified at 99% plant-based bamboo sheets, ensuring they come from sustainable and responsibly managed sources. To ensure our commitment to eco-friendly parenting that’s safe for your little ones, the wipes are also dermatologist-approved, pediatrician-approved, FSC-certified, EWG-verified, and Leaping Bunny Certified

What the parents and experts had to say

The bamboo wipes were put to the test for the Good Housekeeping Awards by real parents and the results speak for themselves. They received high ratings for their softness, making them gentle on your little one’s sensitive skin. The easy-to-use packaging offers a quick and hassle-free approach to accessing wipes for busy parents on the go. Parents were particularly impressed by their size and textured surface to make handling messes a breeze.

Our extra thick and extra soft bamboo wipes are crafted with care to ensure that diaper changes are always gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. Our formula is as gentle as it gets with 99% water, providing a natural and safe solution for your little one’s hygiene needs. 

Who evaluates products for the Good Housekeeping Awards?

A trustworthy team of parents and experts put their stamp of approval on our wipes for this award. The Good Housekeeping Award results come from industry experts, including chemists, engineers, fiber scientists, registered dietitians, and more, who diligently evaluate hundreds of products over several months using lab equipment and feedback from over 100 parents. They consider a range of attributes essential for families, including innovation, quality, convenience, and value – while also analyzing data on ease of use, comfort, and real-world performance.

Thank you for trusting us on your eco-friendly parenting journey

Thank you to all the parents who tested and loved our wipes as part of the Good Housekeeping Award committee or in your own homes. We can’t wait to continue our mission to support convenient, eco-friendly, and safe parenting with you.