Spring time activities for your littles

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Spring time activities for your littles

Spring time activities for your littles

Soon we will say, Hello spring! Birds are chirping, bears are stretching, and kids are excited to go out and have fun. We have you covered for spring time activities for your toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. 


You have probably noticed toddlers like to ask questions and get into everything. Let their curiosities guide them in an outdoor scavenger hunt. As they search for items - flowers, birds, freshest smelling lawns - have them move around like their favourite animals. Don’t forget to pack the bubbles for bubble blowing in between each new exciting find.


Your preschooler probably wants to show off what they can do. Have them paint a spring time themed flower pot and plant something together, so that they can watch it grow. If your little one isn’t into arts and crafts, let them get messy by helping you in the garden (followed by a cool down in a well earned bath!)


Spend some time with your ball of energy by going on a nature walk. This is a great opportunity to get some shoelace tying practice in. You can also take advantage of this refreshing time of year to set up an outdoor obstacle course using hula hoops, bean bags, balls, and whatever else lying around in the house that can be put to extra fun use!

Spring is a revitalizing time of year. However you and your family spend it, make sure to make some fun memories.