What Are Training Pants?

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What Are Training Pants?

If you landed on this blog post, your little one is probably growing into a big kid,  which means they’re in-between diapers and toilet training. 

Their first independent potty visit is always a milestone for parents, but it takes time and effort. And before you get there, your mini-me needs training pants

What Are Training Pants?

Think of training pants as the step between diapers and regular cloth underwear. There are two varieties: 

  1. Disposable training pants
  2. Reusable cloth pants

Disposable training pants, like our eco-friendly version, are made with layers of absorbent bamboo material. Some are even waterproof and help against leaks. 

When Should I Introduce Training Pants? 

All toddlers will be ready at different times. Most children will start transitioning to potty training pants between the ages of 2 and 3.

Training pants help kids feel more independent and provide additional protection against leaks and accidents. As they grow, it’s a great idea to have them wear training pants only when they’re out and about (just in case) and wear regular underwear at home.

Overall, training pants are a fantastic tool for potty training; when kids eventually transition to wearing regular underwear most of the time, it forces them to communicate they need to go potty.

The Benefits of Training Pants:   

  • They can be a helpful transitory product between diapers and underwear
  • Training pants are often leakproof and waterproof
  • They are conveniently disposable 
  • They give little ones a boost in confidence and independence
  • Wearing them can help build communication skills

Key Takeaways

Training pants are a natural next step for most kids. However, it’s important to do what works best for you and your child when beginning to potty train. For those “I gotta go” moments, our potty training diapers are easy up, easy down, soft on skin, and soft on the Earth.