When Can You Start Using Lotion On A Newborn Baby?

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When Can You Start Using Lotion On A Newborn Baby?

When Can You Start Using Lotion On A Newborn Baby?

With phrases like “as soft as a baby’s bottom” being something to strive for, you may be surprised that babies can get dry skin too! Although your baby has coveted soft skin due to vernix, which coats the baby’s skin from birth and acts as a barrier helping with overall moisture, skin care for babies can still include dryness. This can (but doesn’t always) include skin conditions such as diaper rashes, eczema or baby acne. It’s normal for babies to experience dry skin, but when can you put lotion on a newborn? 

We recommend consulting your physician before starting any skin treatments with your baby. But once you get the go-ahead, you will find safe moisturizing lotion options for your baby’s soft skin when needed. You can use a lotion on a newborn formulated with safe PH balanced ingredients and with a baby’s sensitive skin in mind. 

Find the cause if you can

If you can, avoid giving your baby too many baths (which dries the skin) and ensure that the ones they have are short, this may help by allowing your baby to retain natural oils. Sometimes, for a little mess, a baby wipe can even often do the trick! You can read more about bathing and skincare for your newborn, and make sure to use PH balanced baby shampoo and soap. You can also try to pat your baby’s skin dry rather than rub their sensitive skin. If you find your baby needs lotion, after a bath is an excellent time to lock in moisture. Be mindful of your baby’s bath products to make sure they are natural, safe to use, and non-drying. 

It depends on your baby

If your baby experiences peeling skin, see if it goes away on its own before trying any products. As your baby’s immune system develops in the first few months, it’s best to use the mildest cleaners and as little lotion as possible. Infant skin changes during the first years of life, and using mild products will maintain the skin barrier. Lotion can show long-term benefits if used correctly. 

Lotions can also be helpful to premature infants or any infants with compromised skin barriers. This is because their skin may need the extra moisture a lotion can provide. If a baby is full-term, however, they may not need lotion until they’re older. 

Use a safe lotion when you need to

If you’ve established the cause but don’t have a way to rectify it without lotion, you can find a safe product to use on your newborn. Look for something fragrance-free, and watch out for parabens, sulfates, and artificial colours.

Different times of the year may need additional care

If you live in a dry climate or one with a cold winter, baby’s skin may become more dehydrated. The cold air can strip the skin from its moisture. Babies can be protected by covering them appropriately and applying lotion as needed to lock in the moisture and prevent it from drying out. Wipes like Eco Pea Co.’s Unbleached Bamboo Wipes liquid is 99% water, minimizing ingredients that can react with baby's skin.