Why It's Important to Choose Hypoallergenic Wipes

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Why It's Important to Choose Hypoallergenic Wipes

When it comes to frequently used baby products, wipes are at the top of the list. In addition to diapers and those adorable onesies, they are a primary item touching your baby’s skin multiple times a day. Because of this, it’s important to select wipes that are hypoallergenic, as this means they have a lower chance of causing an allergic reaction because they contain no nasty chemicals or additives. The alternative can easily result in an increase in diaper rashes, which can lead to an uncomfortable and unhappy baby.  

Here are some of the many reasons why selecting hypoallergenic baby wipes, like those offered by EcoPea, can benefit your family. 

Receive a dermatologist-tested product.

Many brands that offer hypoallergenic wipes go above and beyond by having their product dermatologist-tested. A label that features the term “dermatologist-tested” means that an expert in skin conditions has analyzed the wipes and confirmed they’re unlikely to lead to adverse effects.

Support sensitive skin.

Babies that easily develop rashes can gain solace from hypoallergenic wipes that help limit their exposure to toxins that could cause allergic reactions. In addition, some hypoallergenic wipes, like Eco Pea Co.’s, are made from bamboo, making them incredibly soft and extra-absorbent.

Use them on other parts of baby’s body.

As you might have noticed, the bottom isn’t the only area of the baby that requires wiping. While parents are understandably hesitant to use chemical-laden wipes on parts of their baby like the face, hypoallergenic wipes help ensure you’re safe to wipe away all messes, regardless of location.

Enjoy a biodegradable product.

As a bonus, by choosing a wipe with gentler ingredients, they may often be better for the environment too. Choose a wipe that notes “biodegradable” on the packaging, or “made with bamboo”.

Lower costs.

The need to spend money on diaper rash creams and other salves, and maybe even a trip to the doctor, can all result from your baby having rashes and other negative reactions to chemicals in wipes. Hypoallergenic wipes can minimize, or even eliminate, the need to spend this money.

Enhance your ability to rest.

You might have discovered that no one gets much rest when baby isn’t able to rest. And baby’s rest can be especially hampered if they’re dealing with irritated skin. So, making moves to minimize that irritation can help everyone wake up on the right side of the bed.

Contribute to responsible brands.

It’s more important now than ever to spend our money on brands dedicated to both enhancing the health of our children and planet. This is especially relevant when it comes to wipes, as it’s a product that you’ll likely be purchasing for many years. Where you choose to spend your money has significant power. 

    So, beyond the obvious of supporting your baby’s skin health, hypoallergenic wipes provide a slew of advantages, from being kind to your bank account to possibly supporting the environment too. As you search for the right wipes for your family, we encourage you to keep the benefits of hypoallergenic options in mind, as they just might transform your journey into parenthood.