Allergic Reaction to Baby Wipes: How to Treat Baby Wipes Allergy

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mom and baby, baby has rash on face

Peeling skin, red bumps, swelling; rashes can be uncomfy for babies and scary for adults. Luckily, once the rash culprit is determined, treatment is usually easy and available. A rash that just won’t go away may be caused by many things, like eczema or diaper dermatitis. Or, baby’s persistent rash may be an allergic reaction to baby wipes.

Eco Pea Co. actually began when our family experienced our third baby’s negative reaction to the brand of diapers and wipes we used with our first two children, so we get it. Baby wipes allergies are real but don’t worry, there are ways to treat them. 

Signs of allergies

There are some common signs and symptoms that your little one may be allergic to the baby wipes currently being used. Some signs and symptoms are:

  • A persistent diaper rash, that spreads to other parts of the body
  • A scaly, itchy rash on baby’s bottom, mouth, hands; anywhere a wipe might be used
  • Redness and swelling
  • Bumps on the skin that develop into sore blisters
  • Peeling skin

These symptoms are common with different skin irritations, so we do advise checking with your family’s doctor no matter what the suspected cause. A good thing to note is that if your family is using a new lotion or soap as well as which chemicals are used in your family’s products.

Chemical culprits

A spreading rash may be an allergic reaction to the baby wipes being used. Some chemicals that are potentially allergy-inducing, as well as commonly found in baby wipes, are:

  • Tocopheryl acetate: a synthetic form of Vitamin E that may cause a rash if baby is allergic
  • Petrol-based propylene glycol: a petroleum-based chemical often found in everyday products
  • Fragrances: Fragrances can be irritating to sensitive skin, as well as our noses. When diapers and wipes contain less chemicals, they don’t need to mask that chemical smell with added fragrances.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol can dry out your baby’s sensitive skin
  • Parabens: If allergic, parabens may cause itching, swelling, and/or pain

Methylisothiazolinone (MI)

One common preservative often used in baby wipes is methylisothiazolinone (MI). An allergy to MI can cause skin irritation that may lead to red, itchy rashes, with severe cases causing painful blistering. MI can also be found in a variety of other personal care products such as shampoos, deodorants, hand soap, sunscreen, and laundry detergent.

Check in with your doctor

A visit to your family doctor can properly diagnose and treat baby’s allergic reaction (Need help getting your little one comfortable with seeing the doctor? Read our tips here).

Mindfully made baby wipes

Our products are mindfully made. We made the simplest diapers, designed from our own family’s need for a gentle, safe and eco-conscious solution. Eco Pea Co. products are made with the natural goodness of bamboo and without things like chlorine, fragrances or irritating chemicals. See our transparency page for more information on what goes into our diapers and baby wipes.