Baby Wipes Uses: Beyond the Diaper Bag

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Baby Wipes Uses: Beyond the Diaper Bag

When we think about baby wipes, we think of them stored in diaper bags and on change table shelves. Baby wipes are used for little bums and - if the wipes are hypoallergenic - little hands and faces. Baby wipes can be used for so much more, though. Yes, continue to keep your diaper bag stocked, but maybe keep your purse, car, and office drawers stocked, too.

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Baby wipes belong in your cosmetics bag

We are not adding an extra step to your skincare routine, we promise! We may even be simplifying it. Baby wipes can be used as makeup remover, even for heavy eye makeup. Baby wipes can be less expensive than makeup removal wipes, too. Baby wipes also work to remove rogue nail polish that landed on your skin and even hair colour stains, and once your hair is all coloured and dried, use a baby wipe to smooth any static hairs down. Keep some wipes in your purse for when you need to quickly clean your hands, or on sunny days, absorb any excess sunscreen.

Baby wipes belong in clothing closets and drawers

With a gentle rub, baby wipes can lift potential stains, like spit up on your shirt, or the coffee you drink to get through the kind of morning where you are tackling spit up on your clothes. Baby wipes can even help remove deodorant stains! Use a wipe for a quick shoe clean before doing the same to your leather bag.

Baby wipes belong in your cleaning supplies closet

Baby wipes can be used to clean home surfaces like counters, the outside of the fridge, walls, and easy to forget high traffic areas like lightswitch plates. Did we just stress you out about housework? Take a baby wipe to your laptop keyboard and remote control for a well deserved break. Just like with clothes, baby wipes help lift stains from rugs and carpets, and just like with yucky spit up jobs, they can help degrease frying pans, too. Your houseplants will be grateful for a light dust removing wipe, and school hallways can appreciate a locker baby wipedown - as long as the wipes are unscented, of course.

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Baby wipes belong with your pet supplies

Baby wipes aren’t just for baby bums, your pets may need the help from time to time, too. You can also use baby wipes on muddy paws after a dog park visit or to remove any pet hair clinging to your clothes.

Baby wipes are handy and portable for wherever you need to be

Baby wipes belong pretty much everywhere - from a quick car window clean, to a bigger kid’s smelly locker, to keeping an office desk drawer smelling fresh. Eco Pea Co. baby wipes are biodegradable, but wipes packaging is not, so make sure to reuse packaging where you can.