Can I Use Baby Wipes on my Dog?

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Can I Use Baby Wipes on my Dog?

Can I Use Baby Wipes on my Dog?

If you’ve ever bathed a dog, you’ve likely thought of if there are any other alternatives. Dog owners, who also have a baby in the house, often wonder: can you use baby wipes on dogs? If you trust the product for your baby, wouldn’t it work for your furry friend too? The answer may surprise you since it’s usually a no. Getting a product formulated for dogs would be the safest for your pet since what’s safe for humans isn’t always safe for your pet. 

The reason is that although a baby’s skin is sensitive, the natural pH levels of a human’s skin differ from that of a dog. Dog’s skin is more alkaline, and if you use a baby wipe on a dog regularly, it could alter the pH of the dog's skin, potentially leading to cracks or infections. 

We know what you’re thinking. We love wipes for a reason, and they can be helpful! You could use a wipe on your dog for: 

  • A quick paw clean when your dog comes in with muddy paws on a rainy day
  • Cleaning your dog’s sensitive areas like ears, eyes, and teeth.
  • To make sure your dog’s paws are free of salt on those winter days
  • Grooming tool for a quick and safe clean
  • A pack to keep in the car before your dog hops in
  • To neutralize bad smells before they get on your furniture

Luckily, similar to how you would get dog shampoo, you can get wet wipes that are safe for dogs too! Keep an eye on the ingredients when choosing pet wipes, just like when selecting wipes for your baby. Watch out for:

  • Phthalates
  • Parabens

And try to find something with soothing ingredients like:

  • ketoconazole (an antifungal)
  • chlorhexidine (antibacterial agent)
  • glycerine and aloe (moisturizing properties)
Find out more about the difference in ingredients between baby and dog wipes here, or play it safe and use a damp hand towel to wipe down your dog! And if you’ve used baby wipes on your dog before, or you’re in a pinch, know that it isn’t likely that the occasional use will negatively impact your dog, so you can rest easy!