Hypoallergenic Diapers

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Hypoallergenic refers to something being either void of allergens completely or having less allergens than normal. This means a less likely allergic reaction. Every baby is different, including how their sensitive skin may react to products. As parents first, we know this first hand. We had no issues with the brand of diapers and wipes we used for our first two children. When we began using this same brand with our third, however, we realized something had to change.

Allergic reactions to diapers

Allergic reactions can vary from baby to baby, and some symptoms may be:

  • skin appears irritated
  • skin on baby’s bum, thighs, and belly may appear red and shiny
  • skin may have a deep red color with patches
  • skin may have oily yellow patches

These symptoms are common with different skin irritations, so we do advise checking with your family’s doctor no matter what the suspected cause.

List of Eco Pea Co. ingredients

Eco Pea Co.’s bamboo diapers are hypoallergenic and contain under ten ingredients, which are selected with both baby’s sensitive skin and the environment in mind. Ingredients like EPA approved water based ink, adhesive and biodegradable ingredients like:

  • Sustainably harvested TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) bamboo pulp (no trees cut down!)
  • Sustainably harvested bamboo
  • Skin nourishing aloe

Being hypoallergenic does not come at the cost of an absorbent, durable diaper. Eco Pea Co. diapers also include:

  • Sodium Polyacrylate for absorption
  • Polypropylene, for liquid distribution and absorption
  • Biobased Film, for leak prevention; this ingredient is partially biodegradable
  • Spandex, for a snug fit that suits all of baby’s wiggle and wobble needs

Our diaper ingredients are also third-party tested for skin reaction, sensitivity, and dermal irritation.

Eco Pea Co. products

After our own experiences, we decided to create the safest and most eco-friendly diapers and wipes as we could. Try our bamboo diapers and wipes, take a look at our subscription options, and read customer reviews. We use the same Eco Pea Co. products in our family that our Eco Pea Co. community uses in theirs:

“Along with eczema and a long list of allergies. These are the only brand of diapers that didn't cause my kids any rashes, allergic reactions, or irritations of any sort! I will always recommend these OVER ANY OTHER BRAND for anyone who needs free and clear diapers! Seriously, I was so thankful to discover these, along with their wipes!”

- Olha

“Omg! These diapers and wipes are fantastic! I put my 6 month old in these right before bed last night, and they held up so well! No leaks, no fraying cotton & No diaper rash! The wipes are very plush and absorbent. I really love how clean they feel & the sweet lil pea on the front is so adorable. The wipes are thick and plush, and clean so well! One is enough to clean up a mess. I have already recommended these to family & friends with new babes. I found my new favorite diapers! They are even hypoallergenic, eco friendly, & sustainably sourced! These are just magic!”

- Savannah