Overnight Diapers

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sleeping baby, holding caregiver's hand

What are overnight diapers?

Overnight diapers, also known as nighttime diapers or night diapers, are designed to prevent leakage, blowouts, and over-soaked diapers while baby is sleeping for long periods of time (like through the night- yay!). Created with extra absorbency, overnight diapers can keep your little one dry for up to 12 hours.

When to use overnight diapers?

Once your baby starts sleeping through the night, this may be around the six month mark for your little one, you may notice a need for some extra absorbency from their diaper. A thicker diaper will be able to hold more liquid for a longer period of time. Some families may give their baby’s last nighttime feeding just before bed, so that baby has a full belly or an hour before bedtime, so that baby’s diaper can be changed one last time before hitting the hay. Either way, you know your baby, and your family’s nighttime routine best; just make sure your little one goes to bed in an extra absorbent, fresh diaper to prevent a messy wakeup.

Benefits of overnight diapers

The use of a more absorbent diaper means

  • Avoiding soaked leaking diapers after a long sleep
  • Preventing baby from waking up during the night due to a soaked-through diaper
  • Less cleaning, as you won’t need to clean so many soiled PJs, crib sheets, and diapers

Eco Pea Co reviews

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