Diaper raffle baby showers: what is a diaper raffle?

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Diaper raffle baby showers: what is a diaper raffle? 

Planning a baby shower and looking for something new? Try a diaper raffle. It will add some excitement and ensure that the parents to be will be well stocked on the diaper front, giving them one less thing to worry about. 

A diaper raffle is a baby shower activity where instead of a gift registry, guests are invited to participate in a game where they exchange packs of eco friendly diapers for a chance to win a prize. When guests arrive, they will be awarded a raffle ticket for each pack of diapers they bring to the shower. 

Babies use about 3000 diapers a year, so this friendly competition is very worthwhile. This activity also takes the guesswork out of what to gift the parents to be, so guests can focus more on the fun of the event, too!

What you will need

Raffle tickets: you can find rolls of raffle tickets at a party supplies store, the dollar store, or even have some custom printed at a print shop.

Raffle bowl: a bowl or box to have guests put their raffles in for the event’s prize draw.

Prize(s): Prizes for the diaper raffle winner(s) can be something like an experience, such as movie tickets or a gift certificate for a mani, pedi; a bottle of wine; a food basket; a themed gift - get creative and make sure it is something that will encourage guests to collect several tickets.

The invitation

Let guests know that the event will be a diaper raffle, and you can even include a ticket in the invitation itself. The wording can be something fun, like a poem or rhyme, or something to the point to avoid any confusion. Include the raffle rules (one ticket per pack of diapers) and make sure to include any specifics, like preferred brands or most needed sizes. Do you want to include specific products, like bamboo diapers or wipes? Let guests know in the invite. You may also want to ask for gift receipts in case the parents to be find themselves with too much of one size or too few of another.


The event is similar to other baby showers and diaper parties; the decor and theme are up to you and your imagination (though you can find some more tips on this here).

How to choose the best diaper

Whether you are the event planner or parents wondering which brands to suggest in the invitation, or a diaper raffle guest deciding on how to choose a diaper, keep in mind baby’s sensitive skin. Pick something soft, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic. Eco Pea Co. diapers are mindfully made, using ingredients that are both biodegradable and safe. Eco Pea Co. products do not contain irritating chemicals and are dermatologist approved. And parents, Eco Pea Co. has subscriptions, too; with newborn babies using eight to 12 diapers a day in their first month alone, you will eventually need a diaper stock top off, even after the most successful of diaper raffles.