The importance of community

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The importance of community


It’s nice to know we are not alone, especially in times like these. It’s OK to need validation and companionship. Reach out to your community for some support and reduce those feelings of isolation while increasing a vital sense of connection.

Reduce isolation

It is an easy conundrum to get caught up in: we want to reach out, but we feel too busy. It never feels like the right time; life with a baby can be complicated and is full of surprises. There won’t be a perfect time, so reach out when you need to. The people who care about you aren’t going to care about a messy kitchen or if your hair isn’t washed. The people who care about you, care about you - through thick and thin; spit up, and diaper blowouts.

A community can look like what a community looks like to you

Whether it be friends or family, online or offline, the community that works for you can look like however you need it to. Find people you can relax around, knowing you are in a judgement-free, safe space. Different needs may require different support, and that’s OK. Sometimes you may need to be around other caregivers with babies at the same stage as your own; other times, you may want the wisdom of those who have been through it already, and maybe there are times where you need to be around people who want to talk about life outside of little ones. As long as you are in compassionate hands, you are in good hands.

Ask for what you need

Your community genuinely wants to help, so let them know how. Ask for regular chats and check-ins; a listening, empathetic ear. Has it been hard to keep up with meals for yourself? Ask for a prepared meal or two. Did you know you can ask someone to watch your little one without a big fancy reason and that you can use baby-free time for naps or a Netflix binge? Now you do - so go ahead and give it a try! Your community wants to see you thrive, whatever that may look like at the moment.

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