Transform Potty Training with Training Diapers

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Potty Training

Training diapers are the middle ground between diapers and underpants. They have a similar feel to underwear, and are much easier to pull off and on than a diaper, plus they contain absorbent materials that prevent most leaks. This option is a great choice when it comes time for potty training, as it provides an array of benefits that can simplify the process, and even expedite it (every parent's dream)!

Here’s how training diapers can help:

Enhanced emotional comfort.

Training diapers are a gentle transition into potty training, as they help the child get used to the feel of underpants without exposing them to any embarrassment of leaking through their clothes when they’re still learning when to head to the potty. This in-between helps prevent children from becoming uncomfortable with potty training and rejecting it, making the process much longer.

Easily removable.

As training diapers are specifically designed to allow the child to pull them down, they help build a sense of pride and autonomy every time the child is able to go to the potty without needing their parent to help them remove a diaper. In addition, the child can independently put on a fresh training diaper, just like they would with underpants.

Less mess.

One of the biggest headaches of potty training is the mess that results when the child doesn’t make it to the toilet on time. Training diapers minimize this occurrence, as they contain a snug-fit and absorbent material that holds in the mess until the parent can provide support. This is especially helpful at night, as children are rarely able to wake up to go to the bathroom on their own.

Exposes the child to some moisture.

While standard diapers almost entirely absorb urine, training diapers often allow a bit of the moisture to remain. The (on-purpose) mild discomfort this moisture can cause provides motivation to use the potty instead of soiling the diaper.

Lets you start potty training sooner.

Because training diapers are such a gentle transition, they can help you start potty training sooner than you would with underwear. So instead of waiting for your child to have full bladder control, you can ease into potty training as soon as they show an interest in using the toilet. And when your child is ready to use underwear, but has trouble with bladder control when asleep, you can continue using training diapers at night, and during naps.

To ensure you find a training diaper that provides these benefits, consider the following when making your selection.

Tips for Finding the Right Training Diapers

Just like regular diapers, not all training diapers are created equal. Some are made with materials that can irritate a child’s skin and are susceptible to leaks, while others help prevent rashes, and minimize mess.

Look for the following when purchasing training diapers.

Hypoallergenic and Fragrance-Free.

Reduce the risk of your child developing a rash or allergic reaction from the materials in a training diaper by purchasing a hypoallergenic that has been dermatologist-tested, like Eco Pea Co. You’ll also want to select a fragrance-free option, as sensitive skin can have a reaction to the chemicals in synthetic fragrances.

Wetness Indicator.

Minimize the amount of time your child sits in wet undergarments by using training diapers with a convenient wetness indicator. This is usually a strip that changes color when exposed to moisture.

Leak Prevention.

Features such as a “blowout guard,” snug-fit technology, and ultra-absorbency reduce the messes that can result from not making it to the potty in time.

Disposable and Biodegradable.

Training diapers that are both disposable and biodegradable provide the best of two worlds because they allow for easy clean-up, while also being kinder to the environment.

Made From Bamboo.

Training diapers made from bamboo are an eco-conscious choice, as bamboo is one of the most renewable resources, supports soil health, and can improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing 35% more oxygen than trees of the same size.

Subscription Service.

Prevent the hassle of your training diaper supply running low by utilizing a subscription service, which sends a new shipment to you at pre-selected, changeable intervals.

As you take these initial strides into potty training, know that it’s a gradual process that often takes time and patience. However, with the support of quality training diapers, this journey can be less trying, and you might even reach the exciting milestone of having a potty-trained child faster than expected. Just take it one step at a time, trusting that there will come a day when your child does use the bathroom without any reminders or help. 

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