Traveling by plane with baby

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Traveling by plane with baby

Traveling by plane with baby

It takes time to plan a trip, especially when your little one is coming along. Getting on a plane with your baby goes beyond diaper bag prep and we’re here to help.

Before the airport

Flights and accommodations are booked and you’re a diaper bag packing all-star, so we’re off to a great start! Need a passport for where you’re going? Babies need passports for international travel, too. You know that adorable smile you taught your little one to make when taking photos? It isn't allowed in a passport photo. Give your little one a little snack to suck on, to relieve the frustration and confusion they may feel over multiple retakes.

At the airport

Check as much luggage as possible. This will make getting on and off the plane easier. Keep in mind you will want to bring some extras- diapers, wipes, clothes for baby, and even some extra clothes for yourself, just in case. You will want extra boarding time, so make sure to pre-board your flight in order to get settled and acquaint your baby with their new surroundings.

On the plane

Snacks will not only feed your baby’s tummy but their need to play, too. Pack easy finger foods for your little one to feel and manipulate (see: be occupied) during the flight. Bring easy finger foods, like Cheerios or puffs that will keep your little one fed and occupied. The chewing will help pop their ears, too! (a pacifier can also help with this)

Diaper changes: the un-schedule-able

Ideally, you can change your little one before boarding the plane, but life happens, and that's OK. Make sure your baby is wearing something easy to get on and off. Are baby clothes adorable? Yes. Are they always easy to change in messy situations? Not so much. And what about those kidlets who don't want to wear anything at all? There is no shame in choosing function over fashion when you just don't have the energy for one more snap, zipper, or buckle. Make sure to also have a portable change pad ready, in case there is no changing table in the bathroom or if you need to do a quick change at your seat. Use an air sick bag to dispose of the used diaper and wipes.

Life with baby does not always go as planned, so be patient with the process, and enjoy your trip!