Your diaper bag checklist

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Your diaper bag checklist

Life went from phone, wallet, keys to a whole literal bag load of stuff more (and some!). Babies come with a whole lot of baggage, and it can be confusing when deciding how big a bag the tiniest person in your life needs. So, what should you pack in your family’s diaper bag? We have rounded up some diaper bag essentials. 

Change mat

A portable change mat will make sure that you are ready to change a diaper, wherever you may be. Some of these mats even come with extra storage compartments, and extra storage is always a welcome feature. We suggest choosing a mat that is waterproof, easy to store, and easy to clean.

Diapers and wipes

Yes, packing eco friendly diapers and wipes sounds like a given, but we want to make sure you aren’t caught off guard by an unforeseen, extra messy situation (we’ve all been there). So we suggest packing a day’s worth of diapers, plus a couple extra, just in case. Of course, the amount will change based on a baby’s size, age, and other variables, but you know your little one - and their diapers - best. As for wipes, an extra pack or two never hurt anyone.

Drinks and snacks

Pack Juice boxes, bottles, sippy cups, whatever your little one needs to keep hydrated. If you use a breast pump, you can pack it in the diaper bag for easy access wherever you go. Don’t forget, you need to stay hydrated, too, so don’t forget your water bottle! 

As for snacks, you may want to pack something easy for your little one to handle on their own, like Cheerios or puffs. And again, you will want some nourishment, too, so make sure some of your energy fueled faves get packed. 

Change of clothes

Even the best packed diaper bag won’t ward off the inevitable, but it can help. Pack some extra clothing that is easy to change baby in and out of and a bag to put wash bound clothing. Make sure to pack something extra for yourself, too. A clean t-shirt can save the day when there is more spit up than anticipated. 

Toys and comfort items

The diaper bag is the perfect place to keep travel companions safe and secure, along with other items such as pacifiers, teething rings, soft books, and other games and toys to keep your little one’s brain occupied and stimulated while on the go.

You can’t predict the weather

Your weather app is a handy tool, but keep some backup plans packed just in case. Pack sunscreen for the sunny days and a stroller rain cover for the grayer ones. Pack some extra socks and sweaters too, just in case.