When To Start Potty Training Girls

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When To Start Potty Training Girls

When To Start Potty Training Girls

You may have started thinking about potty training during that on-the-go diaper change yesterday (who knew those get even more challenging as they get bigger?!), and now you’re wondering when to start potty training girls. Often girls will be ready to start potty training by 18 months, while some may be closer to 3 years old. The truth is, there is no right age, but you can look to your daughter to show you she’s ready. There is no too early or too late, but your child will need to be physically and cognitively able to start potty training. 

Look for the signs

Knowing when your daughter is ready can make a huge difference in how successful potty training will be. This will generally happen between ages 2 and 3 (but as we’ve said, there’s no set time). Some of the signs might be more obvious than others - she might tell you she needs to pee or poop or stay dry at night. Girls often start potty training earlier than boys, so if you’ve potty trained a son, you may have to look for signs a few months earlier (did we already mention there’s no set time?). 

Check for interest level

Children learn from imitation, so show your daughter how to use the toilet and see how she reacts. Does she show interest? Does she start to show some copycat behavior? If yes, then she may be ready for her potty! You can encourage your child to use the potty and see how she reacts. If she does show interest and is sitting on the potty, this is a good time to use encouragement. Get her excited by showing her the potty and explaining what it is, read some books together and show her her new training diapers.


Wait until things are calm

Even though things can always seem a tad chaotic - we know that messy times can be the most memorable, too - some more significant changes can get in the way of your training. For example, if your child is transitioning into daycare or nursery or getting a little sibling in their life, it may not be the right time. Wait for a time when they can feel a sense of stability before introducing the potty into their life. 

Make sure they can get to the potty

Your child will have to be able to walk to the potty and pull up and down their clothing to be successful at potty training. She also needs to be able to tell you that she needs to use the potty. So if she can follow basic instructions and rules and get to the potty physically, it may be the right time to ditch the bamboo disposable diapers. And before you know it, she will be fully potty trained.

And if your child is struggling? It may not be the right time! Don’t be too hard on her or yourself, put those
diapers back on for the time being, and store the potty for a few more weeks or months.