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Biodegradable is Best
lovely diaper
Love it!
Quality Product
Wonderful Diapers!
Great eco friendly diapers
Thank you for the review, Josephine! The higher price is directly related to the higher cost of the materials we use compared to conventional diapers. We hope our customers see the value in it. Our diaper packaging uses biodegradable material. I don’t think paper would work as we consider diapers a sanitary product and paper wouldn’t meet that requirement. Our wipes packaging unfortunately couldn’t use this same biodegradable material as the moisture in the wipes would cause it to breakdown. Thanks again for your feedback!
So durable
Great wipes!
No complaints from Danica!
Love these diapers and wipes!
Eco Pea Diapers
Great wipes!
Love these training pants
Very soft and high quality, run large
So happy I made the switch!
Hi Becky - Thank you for your feedback regarding our wipes. We're really happy that you love our wipes but are sorry to hear about your experience with it drying out. This is surprising as our packaging has a lid to lock in the moisture. We were actually going to design it without the lid for eco-friendly reasons, but then decided to include one as we found that it prevented the wipes from drying out compared to just having a sticker. We do know the lid is recyclable though. Anyways, back to the wipes... We will be in touch!! :)
Great diapers and wipes!
Great Product