Leaky Diapers: How to Prevent Diaper Leakage

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surprised looking wide-eyed baby covering their mouth with their hand

We have all been there in the presence of a leaky diaper. Maybe it happened in the comfort of your home, not too far from all the clean-up necessities. Maybe it happened while you were out (hopefully with a freshly stocked diaper bag and bamboo diaper handy). No matter the circumstance, leaky diapers are never fun. So let’s take a look at how to prevent diaper leakage. The solution may simply come down to finding the right diaper and the right changing schedule for you (with a flexibility that all caregivers are familiar with). 

Diaper size

If leaky diapers have become a part of your every day, the solution may be that your little one is a little less little (say that three times fast) and will need to change diaper size. A too small diaper for baby will not have enough material for proper absorbency. We know that babies come in all shapes and sizes and that finding the right diaper size factors in your little one’s wiggles, moves, and toddles. 

We’ve grown, too! Check out our new size chart for our bamboo diapers and bamboo training Diapers, and Diaper Pants). 

Diaper fit

Like many things in life, the solution comes down to finding the right fit. A diaper that doesn’t fit right is not only uncomfortable but a vehicle for diaper leakage. Check that your baby’s diaper fits snug around their waist but not so tight that baby is bulging out or that red marks appear. The front of the diaper should rest right below the belly button, with tape fastened straight across and evenly. The back of the diaper should be straight. Finally, check the diaper’s leg cuffs by running your fingers around their edges to ensure the cuffs are tucked out. 

Scheduled diaper checks

An easy way to prevent diaper leakage is to spot it before it happens. Easier said than done, we know, especially when some babies don’t seem to mind a soiled, warm diaper. A diaper check schedule can come in handy. You know your little one more than anybody and have probably caught on to when diaper change times are coming.  Common times to check may be: 

  • In the morning, when baby wakes up (hopefully for the first time since going to bed, we know that babies can come with interesting sleep patterns - been there)
  • After eating
  • Before naps
  • After naps
  • Before bedtime

The right diaper

A big part of preventing diaper leakage is finding the right diaper. You want a diaper that is snug, but flexible and a brand that will grow along with your little one. Take a look at the Eco Pea Co. shop, to find what works for your little one and your family’s needs, from newborn diapers to training diapers and wipes for all the messes in between. We offer diaper subscriptions, too, so that your diaper change arsenal remains fully stocked.